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Zita Beirut

Contemporary guesthouse in Beirut

From $70 / night
  • Breakfast included
  • Private bathrooms
  • Air conditionning
  • Free wireless internet
  • Budget-friendly


Embark on a captivating journey at Zita Beirut, L’Hôte Libanais’s very first modern architectural gem in Beirut, a six-room guesthouse located in the lively and vibrant neighbourhood of Gemmayzeh.

Gemmayzeh, a lively hub of culture and charm

Nestled in the heart of Gemmayzeh, one of Beirut’s most iconic neighborhoods, Zita Beirut embodies the vibrant spirit of this area. Renowned for its beautiful architecture, rich cultural scene, and dynamic nightlife, Gemmayzeh invites you to wander its charming streets, where art galleries, boutiques, cafés, and restaurants add unique touches to the neighborhood’s captivating atmosphere. As the sun sets, Gemmayzeh’s streets come alive with energy, offering an unforgettable experience for those seeking the city’s renowned after-dark allure.

Embracing art and design : a reflection of Zita Fidar

Zita Beirut, the city’s reflection of Zita Fidar — the famous contemporary and arty seaside guesthouse near Byblos — blends hospitality with an art gallery concept. Contemporary art and design take center stage, echoing Beirut’s boundless passion for artistic expression. Adorned with artworks from renowned Lebanese and international artists, the guesthouse embodies the city’s unstoppable creativity and love of life.

Elegance and serenity unite : an oasis of comfort

Zita Beirut offers six elegant and sleek rooms distributed over three levels. Its ground-floor café and bar, adjacent to the bustling pavement, allow you to savor your coffee while feeling the vibrant energy of the street. For ultimate relaxation, indulge in the hammam and massage space, pampering yourself after exploring the city’s charm or before embarking on an unforgettable night of Beirut’s famous nightlife.

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