Gladys · Overview

It is always difficult to turn one’s back to the sea — unless it’s in search of a better view of it. The coastal road just after the southern city of Saida (Sidon) leads you to Gladys’ home. As you drive along, buildings give way to hills. Olive and orange trees appear, forming a natural guard of honor that leads the way to a tiny white house. It will not take long for it to feel like your very own home, but you don’t know that yet.
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Gladys Guesthouse, Lebanon
Guesthouse Lebanon
Gladys Liban
Guesthouse in Jinjleya
Guesthouses Lebanon
Bed & Breakfast Jinjleya
Gladys B&B
Chambres d'hôtes Jinjleya
South Lebanon
Chambre d'hôtes Sud Liban


Bouyouti · Overview

Bouyouti is an extraordinary cluster of accommodations nestled in the Chouf mountains, halfway between Deir El Qamar and Beiteddine. It combines the flavour of Lebanese mountain living with the charm of Tuscan landscapes, creating a unique atmosphere that can only be experienced at Bouyouti.
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Bouyouti Guesthouse, Lebanon
Lebanon Chouf Mountains
Guesthouse Beiteddine
Chouf Moutains guesthouse
Maison d'hôtes Chouf
Hotel Chouf Lebanon
Visit Lebanon Chouf Moutains
Swimming pool Guesthouse
Bed & Breakfast Chouf Moutains
Chambre d'hôte Beiteddine
Maisons d'hôte Beiteddine

Dar El Berkeh

Dar El Berkeh

This 18th-century house is tucked in a quiet village in Lebanon’s Chouf district. Shrouded by luscious, thousand years-old olive trees and overlooking foothills of pine and cedar, the one-story brick home is a triumphant ode to a rich past and a welcoming haven for guests seeking rest and mediation in nature’s folds.
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Dar El Berkeh, Lebanon
Hôtel Liban
Dar El Berkeh
Rooms Lebanon Bater
Rooms in Bater
Lebanese architecture
Maison de vacances Liban
Bed & Breakfast Liban
Lebanon Guest house
Chambres d'hôtes Chouf
Chouf mountains Lebanon

Abdelli Terraces

Abdelli Terraces · Overview

Overlooking mountains and sea, vineyards and agricultural terraces, forests and valleys, Abdelli is a small village breathing with thousands of years of culture and history. The grey stones of traditional Lebanese houses dot the scenery, reminiscent of a farming village abandoned during the First World War.
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Abdelli Terraces, Lebanon
Guesthouse in Abdelli
Maison d'hôtes Abdelli
Liban hôtel
Chambres d'hôtes Abdelli
Guesthouse Batroun Heights
Abdelli Terraces
Piscine Hôtel Liban
Hôtel Abdelli
Lebanon Guesthouses
Chambres Hauteurs de Batroun

Dar Linda

Dar Linda · Overview

It takes an adventurous spirit to reach Dar Linda. Following a trip up steep, winding mountain roads, you will find the home quietly nestled in the side of a mountain overlooking Deir El Qamar.
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Dar Linda Guesthouse, Lebanon
Dar Linda
Deir El Qamar Guesthouse
Guesthouses Lebanon
Chambres d'hôtes Deir El Qamar
Chouf Guesthouses
Maison d'hôtes Liban
Chambre d'hôte Chouf
Lebanon Mountains Guesthouses
B&B Deir El Qamar
Chambres d'hôtes Liban
Chambres d'hôtes Mont Liban

At L’Hôte Libanais we advocate sustainable tourism as a tool that benefits women, men and the environment. We also practice what we preach. True to our vision, we offer accommodations and experiences that allow you to get under Lebanon’s skin.

Mosque in Tripoli, Lebanon

A journey up north

by Reem Joudi

North Lebanon is full of beautiful beaches, historical sites and delectable local treats. Here are our best picks for an exciting itinerary across three northern Lebanese regions: Batroun, Bsharre and Tripoli. A L’Hôte Libanais Family member awaits you at each destination.
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Echoing Lebanon’s diversity

We believe in a tourism that extends to Lebanon’s many, diverse regions. A tourism that introduces travellers to the women, men, and projects that weave our social and cultural fabric; one that is based on human experiences,  mutual enrichment, and respect for the environment.

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