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La Maison des Sources

Flanked by sweeping landscapes and seemingly endless forests, La Maison des Sources is a 200-year-old guesthouse nestled in the picturesque mountain village of Ain Zhalta, located under an hour’s drive of Beirut.
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La Maison des Sources Guesthouse
La Maison des Sources
Boutique hotels in Lebanon
La Maison des Sources
Boutique hotels in Lebanon
La Maison des Sources, Ain Zhalta
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La Maison des Sources
La Maison des Sources
Maisons d’hôtes au Liban
La Maison des Sources, Ain Zhalta
Hotel room in Lebanon
La Maison des Sources, L’Hôte Libanais guesthouse
Maisons d’hôtes au Liban
Chambre d’hôtel au Liban
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Chouf mountains guesthouses
Chouf Cedar Reserve
Hotels in Lebanon - La Maison des Sources

Al Haush

Al Haush · The atmosphere

Spread out across several acres of farmland, Al Haush is a family enterprise and holistic experience that combines a love for sustainable practices with a passion for the Bekaa Valley. The guesthouse recalls simpler times; a celebration of an authentic Bekaa lifestyle that marries a passion for nature with a commitment to heritage and cultural diversity.
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Al Haush Guesthouse, Lebanon
Pool guesthouse Lebanon
Bed & Breakfast Al Haush
Chambre d'hôtes vallée de la Bekaa
Bekaa Valley Guesthouse
Haush Al Ghanam
Rooms in Bekaa Valley
Guesthouses Lebanon
Liban Vallée de la Bekaa
Hôtel vallée de la Bekaa
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Baffa House

Baffa House · The atmosphere

Baffa House is a charming bed and breakfast in the heart of Beirut’s creative district, Mar Mikhael. This typical 1940s heritage home is an exceptionally renovated and tastefully decorated escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.
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Baffa House Guesthouse, Beirut
Maison d'hôte Beyrouth
B&B in Beirut
Baffa guesthouse
Ghesthouse in Mar Mikhael
Guesthouse Beirut
Guesthouse in Beirut
Mar Mikhael
Maisons d'hôte Beyrouth
Maisons d'hôte à Beyrouth

Beit Al Wali

Beit Al Wali · Overview

Generosity and hospitality go hand in hand at Beit Al Wali, a splendid boutique hotel located in the historic centre of Damascus.
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Damascus Hotels
Courtyard at Beit Al Wali
Beit Al Wali Rooms
Old Damascene houses
Beit Al Wali Hotel
Old Damascus, Syria
Bab Touma, Damascus
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Maisons d'hôtes à Damas
Beit El Wali
Chambre d'hôtel à Damas
Guesthouses in Damascus
Beit Al Wali Hotel
Beit Al Wali Restaurant
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Beit Al Wali Business Centre
Old Damascus Hotels
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Beit Faris wa Lucia

Beit Faris wa Lucia · The atmosphere

You know you’ve arrived somewhere remarkable when thousands of years of history lie around every corner and you are greeted with a familiar warmth that makes you feel at home from the very first moment. Welcome to Beit Faris wa Lucia.
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Hotels in Byblos
Beit Faris wa Lucia
Guesthouses in Byblos, Lebanon
Boutique hotels in Lebanon
Hotels in Lebanon
Beit Faris wa Lucia guesthouse
L'Hôte Libanais - Byblos
Hotels à Jbeil, Byblos
Bed & Breakfast in Byblos, Lebanon
Maison d'hôtes à Byblos

At L’Hôte Libanais we advocate sustainable tourism as a tool that benefits women, men and the environment. We also practice what we preach. True to our vision, we offer accommodations and experiences that allow you to get under the skin of the destinations you are visiting, whether in Beirut, across Lebanon, in Damascus or Algiers.

A celebration of diversity

At L’Hôte Libanais, we believe in a tourism that celebrates diversity: one that introduces travellers to the women, men, and projects that weave the social and cultural fabric of our featured destinations in Lebanon, Damascus and Algiers. It is tourism based on human experiences, mutual enrichment, and respect for the environment.

Read more about our vision and commitment to responsible tourism