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La Maison Rayes

Built in the 1960s, La Maison Rayes is an elegant home situated in one of Beirut’s most sophisticated — and leafy — neighbourhoods. In fact, you’ll find the Sursock Museum right next door!
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La Maison Rayes, Guesthouse in Beirut
Old houses of Beirut
Luxurious bed & breakfast in Beirut
Room at La Maison Rayes
Lebanese architecture
La Maison Rayes, Terrace
Old house of Beirut
Sursock Museum
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Boutique hotel in Beirut
La Maison Rayes
Boutique hotel near Mar Mikhael
Hôtel de charme à Beyrouth
Maison d'hôtes à Beyrouth
Guesthouse in Beirut
Beirut old houses
Apartment rental in Beirut
Sursock Garden in Beirut
Old palaces in Beirut
Private bathroom at La Maison Rayes
La Maison Rayes - Stairs
Breakfast at La Maison Rayes, Beirut
Sursock Museum

Dar Fatima

As the first guesthouse in Algiers, Dar Fatima sets a very high standard indeed. Its unique atmosphere, remarkable architecture and the warmth of its host pave the way for a truly authentic experience in this intriguing city.
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Dar Fatima, Algiers
Guesthouse in Algiers
Dar Fatima Guesthouse
Dar Fatima, Alger
Chambre à Alger
Hôtels de charme à Alger
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Maison d’hôtes à Alger
Hotel room in Algiers
Maisons d’hôtes de charme à Alger
Dar Fatima in Algiers
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L'Annexe · Overview

L’Annexe is an exceptional accommodation for an exceptional city. Baalbek is like no other city in Lebanon. You approach it heart first, tiptoeing towards the rich fabric of its historical and cultural makeup. It is a city that belongs to humanity; perhaps even more than it does to the Lebanese, who are privileged to be its guardians.
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L'Annexe Boutique Hotel, Baalbek (Lebanon)
Baalbek hotels
Baalbek Lebanon
Hotel in Baalbek
L'Annexe Bekaa valley
L'Annexe Baalbek Liban
Bekaa Valley Hotel
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Boutique hotel Baalbek
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Al Haush

Al Haush · The atmosphere

Spread out across several acres of farmland, Al Haush is a family enterprise and holistic experience that combines a love for sustainable practices with a passion for the Bekaa Valley. The guesthouse recalls simpler times; a celebration of an authentic Bekaa lifestyle that marries a passion for nature with a commitment to heritage and cultural diversity.
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Al Haush Guesthouse, Lebanon
Pool guesthouse Lebanon
Bed & Breakfast Al Haush
Chambre d'hôtes vallée de la Bekaa
Bekaa Valley Guesthouse
Haush Al Ghanam
Rooms in Bekaa Valley
Guesthouses Lebanon
Liban Vallée de la Bekaa
Hôtel vallée de la Bekaa
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Beit Teta Mona

An effortlessly elegant fusion of traditional and modern design elements is one of the many striking attributes of Beit Teta Mona, a delightful stone house nestled in the traditional mountain village of Kfar Aaqab, an hour’s drive from Beirut.
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L'Hôte Libanais
L'Hôte Libanais, Beit Teta Mona
Beit Teta Mona Guesthouse
Ecotourism in Lebanon
Agrotourism in Lebanon
Maison d'hôtes Beit Teta Mona
Guesthouse with a swimming pool
Beit Teta Mona
Bed & Breakfast in Faraya
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Beit Teta Mona
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Beirut Swimming Pool
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At L’Hôte Libanais we advocate sustainable tourism as a tool that benefits women, men and the environment. We also practice what we preach. True to our vision, we offer accommodations and experiences that allow you to get under the skin of the destinations you are visiting, whether in Beirut, across Lebanon, in Damascus or Algiers.

A celebration of diversity

At L’Hôte Libanais, we believe in a tourism that celebrates diversity: one that introduces travellers to the women, men, and projects that weave the social and cultural fabric of our featured destinations in Lebanon, Damascus and Algiers. It is tourism based on human experiences, mutual enrichment, and respect for the environment.

Read more about our vision and commitment to responsible tourism