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Zanzoun · The place

While the older residences of Beirut are often evoked with nostalgia, there remain a few hidden pearls scattered across Beirut, waiting to be discovered. Zanzoun is one such example; a haven in the heart of Mar Mikhael. Walking into its garden is an encounter with the Beirut of the past. The quietude of an unexpected courtyard, stairs that reveal a jewel so delicately restored, it appears that light itself seeks refuge behind its archways.

Zanzoun · Zeina

Zanzoun is named after its host, Zeina, who is a lover of the Orient. She lives her life a traveller between Beirut’s Mediterranean shores and the Nile’s riverbanks, drawing constant inspiration from both places. In her Beirut residence, she celebrates the Levant with carefully chosen decorations, every detail and material coming together in perfect harmony.

Zanzoun · The atmosphere

Zanzoun comprises three private bedrooms and a shaded courtyard that has become a rarity (and carefully guarded secret) in Beirut’s ever-changing cityscape. The home is an ode to the Orient, decorated with warm colours and artisanal fabrics that come to life in storyteller fashion.

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Lodging policies — Check-in time is 14:00. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. No pets are allowed. Zanzoun operates all year round. A two-night minimum stay is required.

Credits — Words: Reem Joudi. Photographs: Paul Gorra.

Room types

Double room

Zanzoun offers 3 double rooms: a standard room and two large rooms with a balcony · Comfortable and elegantly furnished, the rooms are located on the first floor. Each one has a queen size bed and a private bathroom. · Maximum occupancy per room: 2 guests. · We are on hand to assist with special requests, including bedding requirements: click the “Contact us” button or call us (+961 81 064460).
  • City view
  • Elevator
  • Double Bed
  • Air conditioning, heating
  • Free Wifi
  • Private parking
  • Private Bathroom
While the scenery resembles that of Italy, the climate of Beirut is seldom oppressively hot. Much rain falls in winter, but the crocus, cyclamen, and other flowers thrive at that season, and palms are frequently seen in the neighbouring gardens. Gabriel Charmes, 1878

Guesthouse location


Our airport transit service from Rafic Hariri International Airport is available day and night. Upon landing and once you’ve picked up your luggage, your taxi driver will be waiting to greet you and drive you to Zanzoun.

From and to Beirut Airport

  • Airport pick-up $25
  • Airport drop-off $25


Airport drop-off is free of charge for all bookings made before the 10th of January, 2020.

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Custom itineraries

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  • Full day taxi hire in Lebanon (10 hours) $180