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In the quaint mountain village of Saqi Rechmaiya, a 20-minute drive from Byblos, lies a 200-year-old former monastery that’s been lovingly renovated to welcome guests from near and far.

SaQi Guesthouse · A mountain oasis

Offering a get-away-from-it-all experience, SaQi Guesthouse is a nature lover’s dream come true. The three-bedroom property is owned by Gisèle, who inherited the unusual building from her father and decided to restore it with the support of her family. Known locally as ‘the school’ — it was a monastery and then a seminary — SaQi Guesthouse enjoys a peaceful mountain setting. Natural light floods the interior, which is a design triumph — colourful plants and flowers, dark wood tones and patterned fabrics adorning every room. Indeed, the guesthouse’s indoor space flows in such harmony with the outdoors that you’ll feel at one with Mother Earth wherever you choose to sit.

SaQi Guesthouse · Respect for the environment

Named after the village of Saqi Rechmaya, which translates into ‘irrigation’ and ‘source of water’, SaQi Guesthouse is located in the heart of serene pine forests and beautiful hiking trails. Not only does the property respect its historical heritage; it is also deeply connected to the fragile environment that surrounds it. Gisèle is a gardening enthusiast and an environmentalist who is passionate about recycling and eco-friendly practices.

Gisèle’s warm spirit

It is undoubtedly because of Gisèle’s genuine love towards the guesthouse that it radiates such a beautiful energy. She and her family have put great thought and care into making SaQi what it is today, evidenced by the elegant way it has been furnished with repurposed items, antique pieces and modern touches.

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Credits — Words: LJ. Photographs: Paul Gorra.

Lodging policies — Check-in time is 14:00. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. SaQi Guesthouse operates all year round.

Room types


This boho-chic double boasts many original and whimsical touches: dried herbs and flowers dangling from the ceiling, a rickety wooden ladder and upcycled furniture. The room has its own private bathroom with an interesting glass bottle wall display and direct access to the garden.
  • Double bed
  • Free WiFi
  • Garden view
  • Private bathroom
  • Private parking


This colorful unit features two separate bedrooms: a twin and a double. The rooms are tastefully furnished with wooden furniture and colorful fabrics and accent pieces. They share a bathroom.
  • Double bed & twin beds
  • Free WiFi
  • Garden view
  • Private parking
Looking for a quaint retreat in the heart of mountains? This old monastery turned rustic guesthouse in Rechmaya is bound to sweep you off your feet.

Guesthouse location


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