Beit Al Batroun · Overview

The route meanders through plush hills overlooking the Mediterranean and the old town of Batroun. With every turn, the scenery takes on more vivid shades of green. The journey moves steadily from an asphalted road to a steeper, graveled path. A short drive ahead and you’re at your destination: Beit Al Batroun. Tucked in nature’s quiet fold, Colette’s home is a perfect break from the city’s bustle, surrounded by lemon, almond, olive, and quince trees.

Beit Al Batroun · In detail

The home’s interiors are just as beautiful as the greenery that envelops it. Two large arches decorate either side of the house, casting a brilliant light across the ‘liwan’ (the central room). Over the years, Colette has amassed carefully-restored and salvaged collectibles, which artfully adorn the five guest rooms. Beit Al Batroun offers guests the ideal environment to relax, whether it is indoors, by the pool, or on the peaceful terrace.

Beit Al Batroun · Meet your host

Colette has been active in the field of arts and crafts in Lebanon for over 20 years. She began her career painting porcelain, and is now focusing on mosaics and ‘pique-assiette’. Beit Al Batroun is a labor of love for Colette, just like her art. From overseeing its initial plan, sourcing upcycled material, and choosing the house’s unique decoration; Colette has been involved every step of the way, fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating a countryside home.

Beit Al Batroun · Rooms

Beit Al Batroun offers 3 sea view rooms (Mosaic, Ballouta and Aaricheh) and 2 garden view rooms (Tineh and Zeitouneh). Each room has a private bathroom and an outdoor area. · Do not hesitate to indicate your preferred bed type (twin or double) during the booking process; we will try our best to satisfy it within the limits of availability.

Question? Ask away

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Lodging policies — Photographs: Rasha Kahil.

Lodging policies — Check-in time is 15:00. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. No children under 12 are allowed. No pets are allowed. Beit Al Batroun operates in spring and summer.

A stunning boutique Bed & Breakfast just three minutes from the Mediterranean coast where the loudest sound to puncture the calm is the irregular, grunting breathing of my French bulldog host. The Daily Star, Lebanon

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