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Al Haush

Guesthouse in Housh El Ghanam

From $175 / night
  • Swimming pool
  • Mountain view
  • Landscapes & gardens
  • Family-friendly
  • Breakfast included
  • Free wireless internet
  • Private bathrooms


Spread out across several acres of farmland, Al Haush is a family enterprise and holistic experience that combines a love for sustainable practices with a passion for the Bekaa Valley. The guesthouse recalls simpler times; a celebration of an authentic Bekaa lifestyle that marries a passion for nature with a commitment to heritage and cultural diversity. Inspired by the Mexican ‘hacienda’ in its design yet firmly rooted in Lebanese soil, Al Haush is a deeply personal experience that mirrors the generosity of its land and the family that brought it to life.

The story

Al Haush is, at its core, a family love affair. It was established by Salim in the 1940s after he returned to Lebanon from Mexico. The beauty of the Bekaa Valley’s expansive, green spaces resembled the place he had called home for many years and so with a heart full of determination and nostalgia, he purchased a virgin plot of land in the Center of Bekaa in 1942, planting on its rich soil the seeds of Al Haush. The guesthouse became a summer residence for the family for years to come. Each generation that lived in the home left their unique touch on the space, yet what remained constant and unchanging was the family’s love and commitment to nature; a love they share with all their guests.

In detail

Al Haush has something for everyone: families looking to spend quality time together in a beautiful setting; families who want to introduce their children to the outdoors and the wonders of nature; and couples seeking a quiet retreat from the bustle of city life.


Al Haush offers fourteen rooms that combine modern comfort with authentic barn interiors and decoration, each with one king-size bed or two twin beds. One, two or three extra beds can be added. Each room has its own bathroom. Please do indicate your bedding preferences during the booking process: we will satisfy them within the limits of availability.

Question? Ask away

Whether you need more information on Al Haush, or you’re experiencing difficulties with your reservation… our frequently asked questions section might help. Otherwise, don’t be shy — contact us! We will be delighted to answer your questions, seven days a week.

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