La Maison du Bonheur · Guesthouse in Deir El Qamar · L’Hôte Libanais

La Maison du Bonheur · Overview

True to its name, La Maison du Bonheur is a home bursting with happiness. From the beauty of its gardens to the generosity of its owner, this unassuming guesthouse will enchant you with its positive energy and warm spirit.

La Maison du Bonheur · Incredible views

Run by the delightful Ama, La Maison du Bonheur occupies a prime position in the dreamy mountain village of Deir Al Qamar. Behind its green doors and traditional window shutters, you’ll find mellow colours, pine furniture, lots of books and even a piano. Step outside and you’ll be rewarded with a formidable view of the majestic Chouf Mountains stretching out before you like a hand-painted work of art.

La Maison du Bonheur · A loving home

Something one immediately notices about La Maison du Bonheur is how green it is. The gardens surrounding the property are simply magical. Full of trees, colourful flowers and vegetables, every inch is lovingly tended and perfectly arranged. Indeed, Ama works tirelessly to maintain her fragile green spaces, inviting her guests and children from the village to plant seeds and cultivate this precious land with her.

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Credits — Words: LJ. Photographs: Walid Rashid.

Lodging policies — Check-in time is 14:00. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. La Maison du Bonheur operates everyday in summer and on weekends the rest of the year.

Lovers of nature, serenity, and fresh air will also delight in a weekend getaway at la Maison du Bonheur in Deir el Qamar. Krystel Riachi, Notes of a Traveler

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