1-6 persons

L’Hôte Libanais has teamed up with talented calligrapher Ghaleb Hawila to offer lovers of art and language an exclusive introduction to this highly regarded art form. Ghaleb will not be the calligrapher who writes your name in Arabic; instead, he will share with you his passion and knowledge for a unique, meticulous practice.


Ghaleb is a contemporary calligrapher who approaches this long-standing tradition with a new perspective. His art comes from a deep understanding of Middle-Eastern heritage and spiritual paths, marked by a refreshing minimalist aesthetic. With work exhibited in galleries around Lebanon and across the Arab region, Ghaleb is now opening his workshop to willing guests.

In the heart of Hamra

This introduction to calligraphy will be offered in Ghaleb’s studio in Hamra; a heritage home with a spacious courtyard decorated with his art pieces. In the heart of Beirut, you will engage in an exclusive, thoughtful, and thought-provoking discussion with a young artist who’s rising on the calligraphy scene.

Question? Ask away

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Experience conditions — This experience is available year-round, only on Fridays, at $180 for 1-3 persons with an additional $50 per person up to a total of 6 people.

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