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Discover Algerian gastronomy by stepping inside the kitchen. Algerian cuisine is like its people: rich and diverse. Culinary specialities vary from region to region, and each family has its own interpretations.

Discover Algerian cuisine…

One of the best ways to get to know the soul and spirit of a country is to learn about its food culture. Besides the iconic couscous, recognised by the world as Algeria’s national dish, many other gastronomic delights make Algerian cuisine a favourite among food enthusiasts. We offer you a unique experience in Algiers — a cooking class packed with flavour, where recipes faithful to the culinary traditions of Algeria will be celebrated.

Experience details

  • Languages English, French, Arabic
  • Experience type private experience
  • Duration 4 to 5 hours
  • Price per person $60
  • Availability Sunday to Thursday
  • Number of people 1 to 5 people

…in the privacy of an Algerian house

“If you want to discover local dishes, you have to eat with Algerians,” Bahia says. Passionate about cooking and a guardian of culinary traditions, Bahia is committed to sharing the richness of her nation’s cuisine with great skill and generosity.

Spend the morning in the kitchen of her villa in the Dely Ibrahim district, where you’ll learn how to prepare rechta, chekhchoukha, chorba and even dolma; then enjoy the fruits of your labour as you sit down for a delicious meal with this remarkable lady.

Question? Ask away

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Credits — Words: Cécile Raulet, LJ. Photographs: Riadh Berka.

Algerian food is characterized by the interplay of European and Arab influences. The shakhshukha, barraniyya, couscous, and skewered foods are inherited from the Arabs, Berbers, and Turks, whereas the soups, mixed salads, and some desserts are European influenced.

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