It is no coincidence that one of Lebanon’s ancient temples is dedicated to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. The Phoenician valleys were important producers and exporters of the grape elixir thousands of years ago, developing successful markets for wine in many of their colonies around the Mediterranean Sea. The manufacture of wine remains ingrained in Lebanon’s modern culture and history. Despite political instability and economic challenges, the industry is once again booming as a new generation of winemakers seek to protect and perfect the country’s timeless traditions.

Abdelli is a mountain village overlooking the sea, nestled in the northern region of Batroun. When Nabil, his son Karim and their family were looking to settle in the area nine years ago, they stumbled upon a plot of agricultural land and ruins of old stone foundations that were left deserted in World War I. Through hard work and dedication, Nabil and Karim transformed the rubble into Abdelli Terraces, which includes a vineyard, guesthouses, the family home, and a restaurant. Their idea was to create an open and creative community; one that works towards the future whilst preserving past heritage, and one that brings life to the village.

Nabil and Karim are part of the recent crop of vintners looking to make their mark on the Lebanese and international scenes. Though wine production at Abdelli Terraces is still at a tender age, the team inaugurated its first vintage in 2014. The red wine, a mix of Syrah and Cabernet-Sauvignon, is available to savor at the family restaurant. Their production processes are conscious of the environment and the village they call home. The team who harvests the grapes is composed of a local workforce, and Abdelli’s viticulture is chemical-free, choosing instead nets to steer away foxes and bees. Rain water covers all irrigation needs, and solar panels handle the estate’s electricity consumption.

Today, Abdelli Terraces serves as a gathering point, where visitors can learn, contribute, share their skills, engage with one another, and enjoy a unique culinary and wine experience.

A stay at the Abdelli vineyard is immersive, allowing guests to enjoy exemplary local products, live the process of their creation, and fully experience the family’s dedication to their work, tradition, and village.