Retrieving Beirut is a marriage of art, space, and ideas. It is a collaborative initiative that brings together a group of designers and artists who want to reinterpret their relationship with the city of Beirut. It is a platform and creative space for artists to express their visions, dreams, and aspirations of a future they want to help create.


The creators of Retrieving Beirut, Noir Clair studio, conceived the initiative with a firm belief in the power of creativity and its ability to induce positive change in society. Their aim is to showcase the work of upcoming and established artists and designers in the country, whose creations highlight the beauty of Beirut and its transformative potential, by subtly reflecting on lived reality. Ultimately, the project’s founders hope that this work inspires, challenges, and reconfigures mindsets and attitudes towards a better Beirut.


The first project that will launch Retrieving Beirut is an exhibition that brings together eleven different artists—Chadi Aoun, Karen Chekerdjian, Robert Cremona, Charbel El Fakhri, Johnny Farah, Dimitri Haddad, Youssef Haidar, Abdallah Hatoum, Elie Moubarak, the Mukhi Sisters, Antony Sahyoun—, whose love for Beirut is the thread tying their different creations (animation, sound installation, projection etc…) together.


The exhibition will open on the 24th of May, and will be open to public viewing from 12 pm to 7pm, between the 25th and 29th of this month. It will take place in the K Timber warehouse, a space that was retrieved only to be claimed by the artist-participants; an existing, rough space awaiting the injection of new life into it.

Retrieving Beirut gives artists and designers the platform to imagine their city on their own terms, express their thoughts, and reach new audiences. It’s also a way to showcase the unique cultural heritage and local craftsmanship that weaves the ever-complex fabric of Beirut.