• More Than Accommodation

L’Hôte Libanais is home to twenty, carefully selected guesthouses and boutique hotels, but our story and engagement go beyond the limits of rooms and walls.

The majority of our Family Members were not operating as guesthouses when we first came across them. We found them nestled in quiet village quarters; centuries-old buildings hidden in the mountains; artsy apartments tucked in the heart of Beirut. The common thread between them? Women and men who were passionate about Lebanon, so much so that they were willing to open their homes and hearts to visitors.

This was how our Family was born—a union of lovers of Lebanon, eager to share their passion. Over time, our Family grew, bringing together members who share our vision and values.

  • A Family With Independent Members

The L’Hôte Libanais Family is not a hotel chain. It does not aim to standardize its Members’ practices, nor does it want to remove the nuances and idiosyncrasies that define their unique character. On the contrary, the soul of L’Hôte Libanais lies in the diversity of the kindred spirits and beautiful guesthouses that make up our Family. Artists, farmers, and entrepreneurs are eager to open their homes to equally eager visitors- whether all year round or for just a few months.

Each guesthouse is the culmination of a unique journey, the pairing of a host and his or her story. The homes speak about the earth on which they were built, the buildings bear the perfume of the trees surrounding them- not one guesthouse can resemble the other and it’s in their differences that we find our strength.

  • How Many Stars: 3, 4 Or 5?

A constellation! A family does not differentiate among its members and neither does L’Hôte Libanais. For starters, the star-rating system has become a contested method of categorization worldwide, “out-of-date, inconsistently measured and does not reflect the needs of today’s traveller” (Quo Global, October 2013). We follow a precise and comprehensive selection criteria, so you can rest assured that our Family Members are la crème de la crème, chosen with great care and dedication.

It is best to let our guesthouses speak for themselves, but if any doubt persists, our team is happy to answer any and all questions.

  • Who are the L’Hôte Libanais Family Members?

We are a family of 20 guesthouses and boutique hotels, spread all across Lebanon. Dar Al Achrafieh, Baffa House, Zanzoun and Difla in Beirut; Dar Qadisha in the qaza (District) of Bsharreh, Beit El Nessim in Tripoli’s district of Al Mina; Beit Al Batroun, Abdelli Terraces and Beit Douma in the qaza of Batroun, from the Mediterranean coast to the heights of Mount Lebanon; Guita in Akoura; Beit Marsala in Zouk Mosbeh - Jeita; Beit Al Wadi in Abadieh; Bouyouti in Maasser Beiteddine; Dar Linda and Beit El Qamar in Deir El Qamar; Dar El Berkeh in Bater; Gladys in Jinjleya; and finally, we head south to dip our feet in Mediterranean waters in Tyre at Dar Camelia and Dar Alma.

  • Our Guiding Principles

We abide by seven criteria that ensure the coherence of our Family and allow us to remain committed to our vision. They are: the people, the rocks & building blocks, the environment, the flavors, the size, the price... and a magic touch.

— The People. Before falling in love with the physical locations, we fell in love with the men and women behind them; passionate people whose spirits and stories animate the L’Hôte Libanais Family.

Wander with Roula and Rafic around their property (Bouyouti) and listen to Roula narrate the story of the river crossing the valley, as she adjusts a flower here, a piece of fabric there, making sure that every detail reflects the spirit of the place. Look into Diva, Jessica and Samer’s eyes (Baffa House) as they bring Antonio’s story to life—Diva’s father and Samer’s grandfather—a young Italian who came to Beirut years ago and stayed for a woman he fell in love with. Spend some time with Jamil on his balcony (in Dar Al Achrafieh), surrounded by residential towers mushrooming in the neighborhood he grew up in. He stands serene and smiling, well aware of the altered skyline but even more so of his house and himself, both guardians of a Beirut, which against the odds, remains alive.

Some Family Members are ideal for nature-lovers and seekers of solitude, in which case guest-host interaction is not very frequent. At other destinations, the interaction with the host is key, allowing guests to learn more about the history of the location, the neighborhood, or the village. — You can specify your preferences upon making a reservation to ensure a unique experience, tailored to your liking.

— The Rocks & Building Blocks. At L’Hôte Libanais, we are passionate about Lebanese architecture and consider it part of our mission to showcase it.

The Lebanese house is not confined to the past. It is alive, constantly reinventing itself and projecting itself into the future. L’Hôte Libanais relates this transformation as the destinations we have on offer allow our guests to explore the diversity of this architecture, encompassing traditional as well as contemporary edifices.

We have walls that have witnessed a hundred years of Beirut’s history (Dar Al Achrafieh), traditional mountain homes two centuries old (Dar Qadisha, Beit Douma), windows that have looked to the sea for 130 years (Dar Alma).

We also have homes that were reimagined in a contemporary context. Take Jacques Liger-Belair’s architecture, and you get Dar Linda, a refuge nestled in the surrounding valley. Take Elham and Rabih’s use of traditional Lebanese material, and you get Beit Al Wadi. Alternatively, there is Colette’s artistic reinterpretation of her home, Beit Al Batroun, brought to life by the colors and materials she uses for her artwork.

The Flavors. Our Family Members emphasize the use of local produce in creating regional specialities and homemade dishes.

As you roam the majestic Wadi Qannoubine, Jacqueline will be at her home Dar Qadisha, preparing jams made of fruit freshly picked from her garden. An exquisite cook with a distinct sense of aesthetics, Mirna (at Difla) prepares table spreads that Cézanne would have surely immortalized. Souk El Tayeb’s team extends its celebration of Lebanese gastronomy all the way to Beit Douma. And up in the quiet folds of the mountains, Jinane, Nabil and Karim’s vines at Abdelli Terraces whisper the promise of the future vintage.

The Environment. At the heart of L’Hôte Libanais’ mission is a commitment towards the social context and natural environment. Our Family Members contribute to this effort in their own way.

They do this, first and foremost, by striving to preserve and promote the surrounding heritage. Maya and Nabil (Beit El Nessim) chose to overlook reservations about Tripoli, choosing instead to share their passion for their home, neighborhood, and the people of Al Mina. Leia and her family (Beit Marsala) watch over one of the last urban green spaces along the coastal regions of Lebanon. At Dar Linda, Nour strives to promote artisanal Lebanese know-how.

Secondly, our Family Members opt for environmentally conscious methods of operation. The wine produced at Abdelli Terraces is made without any addition of chemical products. Maya and Nabil draw most of their energy needs from renewable resources at Beit El Nessim. A number of our hosts favor ethical agricultural produce as part of their dietary needs.

— The Size. Our Family consists of small sized lodgings that offer between 2 and 10 rooms/units, with an average of 4 rooms per destination.

— The Prices. We want to offer individuals of all budgets the opportunity to discover and fall in love with our Lebanon. Our prices range from USD 80 to USD 250 per room per night, with breakfast included. A L’Hôte Libanais Member will look forward to hosting you no matter your budget.

An Indescribable “Je Ne Sais Quoi”. The L’Hôte Libanais experience goes beyond a list of criteria and demands of guesthouse and host. It is beyond the quantifiable and physical; a coming together of people, place, aesthetics, and tastes. Your senses will comprehend this essence, one that words fail to describe.