Zita Fidar

Guesthouse near Byblos (Jbeil)

Zita Fidar · An overview

A quiet retreat, a cliff overlooking Mediterranean waters, the sound of waves hitting the rocks, an architectural landmark: we have just described Zita Fidar, an ideal escape a stone’s throw away from the historic city of Jbeil (Byblos). This unique guesthouse is a treat for the senses and a haven amid concrete chaos, with warm interiors specially created to make you feel right at home. Dive into the outdoor pool, swim in the sea, meditate, enjoy fresh organic meals prepared specially for you, or take a trip to nearby Byblos and soak in some Phoenician history… it is all within reach at Zita Fidar.

"The design is such as not to disrupt the natural surroundings but to integrate it into the land, keeping its height restricted to a reasonable level."

Caroline Williamson, Design Milk

Zita Fidar · Behind the place

Zita Fidar is the vision of Karim, a man passionate about architecture, visual arts, and music. Karim’s first foray into the world of guesthouses was with Zita Brussels, a unique mid-century experience in the Belgian capital. Zita Fidar was a labor of love that extended this spirit of art, soul, and music to Lebanese shores in a unique and elegant package of contemporary architecture. Karim is also passionate about maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and Zita Fidar is an ideal location for soul-searching and detoxing.

Zita Fidar · The soul and space

The guesthouse comprises 6 rooms, each decorated with minimalist elegance and positioned as close to the sea as possible to enjoy uninterrupted views of beautiful blue waters. The spirit of the house is musical and it is difficult for the heart and mind not to be taken on a magical journey of sound and silence upon entering the space. Carefully curated with unique design pieces, the guesthouse also acts as an exhibition space, hosting art and music events regularly.

  • ⋅ 7 rooms and suites
  • ⋅ One 2-bedroom villa
  • ⋅ Accommodates: 18 people
  • ⋅ Free wireless Internet
  • ⋅ Large garden, tree-shaded terraces
  • ⋅ Outdoor swimming pool
  • ⋅ Private access to the sea

Book now

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Room Rates

Room type
Rate per night
  • Room (2 ppl)250 (∗)
  • Suite (2 ppl)$300
  • Deluxe suite (2 ppl)$350
  • Villa (4 ppl)$650

Breakfast is included. · (∗) Zita Fidar’s two standard rooms share the same bathroom located outside the rooms.

Zita Fidar · In detail

The guesthouse is a contemporary architectural landmark in Lebanon, designed and executed by Raed Abellama Architects in 2011. It sits on a rugged cliff overlooking Mediterranean waters and was made to integrate harmoniously with its beautiful natural surroundings. The living and dining areas are at the guesthouse’s entry level, while private rooms are at lower levels. Large windows offer guests unparalleled views of the horizon, making sunrises and sunsets at Zita Fidar a real treat for one's spirit; outdoor terraces are melodiously elevated and lowered to give a plethora of seating options with unrestricted views of the shoreline, and a large rectangular pool invites guests to take a dip.

— Photographs: Georges Rouhana
     Words: Reem Joudi

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