Our gems

Extraordinary accommodations, from North to South Lebanon

A pool overlooking the Chouf mountains? Your own private beach? A century-old home in one of the country’s oldest cities? Certain members of our Family are rare, extraordinary gems, scattered across Lebanon. More than guesthouses or charming hotels, these places are unique experiences on their own.


Discover la dolce vita a la libanaise at Bouyouti, a cluster of small guesthouses nestled in the Chouf mountains. Surrounded by a pool and several gardens, this tranquil escape is complemented by your host, Roula’s, elegant touches.

  • — Location: Beiteddine (Chouf)
  • — Units: 10

‘Dar Alma’

Have your own slice of Mediterranean heaven at Dar Alma, a boutique hotel with private beach access, nestled in the heart of Tyre. Immerse yourself in the city’s slow life, enjoy delicious, fresh fish, and explore the city’s rich historical sites.

  • — Location: Tyre (South Lebanon)
  • — Rooms: 11

‘Beit Al Batroun’

Colette built her home on the hills overlooking the old town of Batroun and the Mediterranean. Carefully restored furniture, fruit trees laden with lemons, almonds, olives, quinces… and a small pool await her guests.

  • — Location: Batroun (North Lebanon)
  • — Rooms: 5

‘Beit Douma’

Perched atop a mountain with views of surrounding olive groves, Beit Douma is the perfect place to enjoy delicious food, beautiful decor, and authentic Lebanese life.

  • — Location: Douma (North Lebanon)
  • — Rooms: 6


Explore the ‘City of the Sun’ in a unique and unforgettable way. This five bedroom boutique hotel offers visitors the exceptional charm of a traditional Lebanese home, mixed with unforgettable views of Baalbek’s columns.

  • — Location: Baalbek (Beqaa Valley)
  • — Rooms: 5

‘Dar Linda’

Dar Linda is what you get when you combine an avid collector and historian with breathtaking views. Nestled in the mountainside and overlooking the village of Deir El Qamar, Dar Linda is the ultimate retreat for nature and art lovers, with hosts Nour, Kamal and Karim exemplifying the spirit of generous, Lebanese hospitality.

  • — Location: Deir El Qamar (Chouf)
  • — Rooms: 2
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