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Guesthouses and boutique hotels across Lebanon

Beirut, Batroun, Beiteddine, Tripoli, Jeita, Deir el Qamar, Qadisha, Bhamdoun, Douma… All over Lebanon, the 20 guesthouses and boutique hotels that are members of the L’HOTE LIBANAIS family welcome Lebanophiles… and those who are yet to fall under the spell of Lebanon.


‘Dar Al Achrafieh’ · Beirut

A stone’s throw away from Gemmayze street, the Sursock Museum, Saint Nicolas Cathedral and Saint Joseph University, Jamil invites you to stay in his Achrafieh family home, built in 1929.

  • — Location: Beirut, Achrafieh
  • — Rooms: 2
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

‘Baffa House’ · Beirut

More than half a century after their grandfather settled in Mar Mikhael—now Beirut’s art and creative district—Samer and his family host those who want to explore Beirut in a different way.

  • — Location: Beirut, Mar Mikhael
  • — Rooms: 4
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

‘Zanzoun’ · Beirut

Zanzoun is one of Beirut’s hidden pearls: the quietude of the house unexpected courtyard, stairs that reveal a jewel delicately restored where light itself seeks refuge.

  • — Location: Beirut
  • — Rooms: 3
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

· ‘Difla’ · Beirut

Mirna’s place is an urban haven of peace, nestled in the depths of a Beirut alley. From reclaimed traditional furniture to recycled objects, every corner and detail reflects the nature of your host: warm, welcoming and original.

  • — Location: Beirut
  • — Rooms: 2
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast


‘Beit Marsala’ · Zouk Mosbeh

40 minutes from Beirut and 10 minutes from Jounieh lies a 3,000-sqm garden: this is where Leia and her family live, in two old, traditional Lebanese houses, one of which dating back to the 18th century.

  • — Location: Zouk Mosbeh, Jeita
  • — Rooms: 2
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

· ‘Guita’ · Akoura

Associez la beauté majestueuse des montagnes libanaises, l’envie de partager les traditions et le patrimoine locaux et l’histoire d’une famille généreuse et attachée à ses racines rurales et vous obtenez ‘Guita’.

  • — Location: Akoura
  • — Rooms: 5
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast


‘Beit Al Batroun’ · Batroun

Colette built her home on the hills overlooking the old town of Batroun and the Mediterranean. Carefully restored furniture, fruit trees laden with lemons, almonds, olives, quinces… and a small pool await her guests.

  • — Location: Batroun
  • — Units: 5
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

‘Beit Douma’ · Douma

Perched 1,000 meters above the sea, Beit Douma enjoys a commanding view over the mountain and its splendid olive groves. The project is an extension of Souk El Tayeb, a farmer’s kitchen and a weekly farmers' market in Beirut.

  • — Location: Douma, North Lebanon
  • — Rooms: 6
  • — Type: Guesthouse

‘Abdelli Terraces’ · Abdelli

Built with the dream of reviving a village that was abandoned during the First World War, Abdelli Terraces is an innovative project, encompassing alternative accommodation, wine production, and culinary events.

  • — Location: Abdelli, Batroun Caza
  • — Rooms: 3
  • — Type: Guesthouse

‘Dar Qadisha · Qadisha Valley

Jacqueline awaits you 1,400 meters above sea level in a village perched on top of the Qadisha Valley. Look for a house with a red shingled roof, one terrace shaded by leafy bowers, another terrace for contemplating the mountains…

  • — Location: Hasroun, Qadisha Valley
  • — Units: 2
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

Tripoli · ‘Beit El Nessim’

Maya and Nabil brought life back to a beautiful 150-year-old house located in the old streets of Al Mina (Tripoli), and surrounded by peaceful small shops, street vendors of orange and carrot juice, pastries and fruits, barbers, tailors…

  • — Location: Tripoli, Al Mina
  • — Units: 6
  • — Type: Guesthouse


‘L’Annexe’ · Baalbek

L’Annexe is a traditional Lebanese home built in the 19th century that includes five rooms and a patio. Light passes through its arched windows, filling the quarters with a golden and ochre glow.

  • — Location: Baalbek
  • — Units: 5
  • — Type: Boutique hotel


‘Dar El Berkeh’ · Bater

This 18th century house is tucked in the heart of Bater, a quiet village in the southern part of Lebanon’s Chouf district. It contains four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious garden with a pool.

  • — Location: Bater, Chouf Mountains
  • — Units: 4
  • — Type: Holiday home

‘Bouyouti’ · Beiteddine

Small houses surrounded by terraces and fruit trees scattered across a large hillside estate, two large pools, several gardens and even a small chapel that completes the serene atmosphere of the place.

  • — Location: Maaser Beiteddine, Chouf
  • — Units: 10
  • — Type: Guesthouse

‘Dar Linda’ · Deir El Qamar

Beyond its warmth and elegance, Dar Linda fascinates by the artefacts it enfolds. Adorning the walls is a multitude of ethnographic objects which Nour, host and distinguished historian, collected during her career and travels.

  • — Location: Deir El Qamar
  • — Rooms: 2
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

‘Beit El Qamar’ · Deir El Qamar

Overlooking Deir El Qamar, home to beautiful historical palaces and religious landmarks, Beit El Qamar is surrounded by vegetable gardens and combines traditional decor with colorful accents and bold floral patterns.

  • — Location: Deir El Qamar
  • — Rooms: 7
  • — Type: Hotel


‘Dar Camelia’ · Tyre

Hidden in the labyrinth of Tyre’s old city, Dar Camelia is an 8-room boutique hotel that promises the traveler a unique and sensory-filled, Mediterranean experience.

  • — Location: Tyre (Sour)
  • — Rooms: 8
  • — Type: Boutique hotel

‘Dar Alma’ · Tyre

A 19th century traditional Lebanese house, Dar Alma is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tyre. Literally built on the edge of the shore, the place offers a private access to the beach and most rooms have a sea view.

  • — Location: Tyre (Sour)
  • — Rooms: 11
  • — Type: Boutique hotel

‘Gladys’ · Jinjleya

The coastal road just after the southern city of Saida (Sidon) leads you to Gladys’ home. As you drive along, buildings give way to hills. Olive and orange trees appear, forming a natural guard of honor that leads the way to a tiny white house.

  • — Location: Jinjleya, South Lebanon
  • — Units: 4
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast


‘Beit Al Wadi’ · Abadiye

Less than an hour from Beirut, Beit Al Wadi is the dream house of an architect who superposed a contemporary outlook on traditional Lebanese architecture, in a secret valley surrounded by magnificently preserved greenery.

  • — Location: Abadiye, Mount Lebanon
  • — Units: 3
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast
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