Dar Linda

Guesthouse in Deir El Qamar

Dar Linda ⋅ Overview

It takes an adventurous spirit to reach Dar Linda. The road meanders up a steep mountain, revealing breathtaking views of green hills and valleys dotted with village homes. You will find Dar Linda nestled in the side of a mountain, overlooking the village of Deir El Qamar. Blackberry trees bloom and a calm settles within its garden walls.

"Our experience at Dar Linda was the most authentic reflection of Lebanese hospitality."

Carla, Beirut
Deir El Qamar

Nour, Kamal and Karim, your hosts in Deir El Qamar

Dar Linda ⋅ In detail

Beyond its warmth and elegance, the guesthouse fascinates visitors with the many artifacts and ethnographic objects that call Dar Linda’s corners and shelves home. Nour, your host and a distinguished historian, has acquired an extensive collection over her long career and many travels. She enjoys telling the stories behind the pieces, some of which she recalls from her own childhood, dating back to the Ottoman period- a time when the geographic borders of the Middle East were not yet drawn.

  • ⋅ 2 double rooms
  • ⋅ Accommodates: 4 people
  • ⋅ Remarkable architecture
  •    by Jacques Liger Belair
  • ⋅ Rooftop, garden, figs & blackberries

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Room Rates

Room type
Rate per night
  • Double room$150

Breakfast is included.

Meet your hosts

Nour, along with her two sons Karim and Kamal, are the team behind Dar Linda. Nour is the former director of ‘L’Artisan du Liban’ and as a member of the National Heritage Foundation of Lebanon, she continues to be active in the fields of history and handicrafts. The guesthouse venture is a way for Nour to spend time with her sons, who find the time to help around the house, even though they pursue careers of their own. It is also a space for Karim and Kamal to share their mother’s most recent passion: creating and curating Dar Linda as an ethnographic museum that houses Nour’s beloved collection of artifacts.

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"Jacques Liger-Belair is well known for his synthesis of modernism with local vernacular traditions as well as for his research and proposals for the preservation of towns and regional architecture."

André Trad, in “The Legacy of Modern Architecture in Beirut, 1950-1975” (Worldview: Perspectives on Architecture and Urbanism from Around the World)

— Words by Florence Béland
   Photographs by Walid Rashid

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