Our Family in Beirut

4 houses. 11 rooms. In the heart of Beirut.

A city’s best-kept secrets are always hidden, tucked behind busy streets and crowded sidewalks. Our Family Members in Beirut are hidden gems located in the most unexpectedly beautiful locations. All share an important characteristic that’s very precious to us: fantastic hosts who are as passionate about Beirut as we are.


Zanzoun is one of Beirut’s hidden pearls: the quietude of the house unexpected courtyard, stairs that reveal a jewel delicately restored where light itself seeks refuge.

  • — Location: Beirut, Mar Mikhael
  • — Rooms: 3
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

‘Baffa House’

Jessica and Samer invite you to experience a different side of Beirut in Samer’s family home, a 1940s building in Mar Mikhael. Named after Samer’s grandfather, Antonio, Baffa House is a celebration of countless love stories to be discovered.

  • — Location: Beirut, Mar Mikhael
  • — Rooms: 4
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast

‘Dar Al Achrafieh’

A stone’s throw away from Gemmayze and the Sursock Museum, Jamil invites you to stay in his Achrafieh family home; a beautiful, traditional building constructed in 1929.

  • — Location: Beirut, Achrafieh
  • — Rooms: 2
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast


An urban retreat tucked in the heart of a Beirut alley, Difla combines the beautiful features of a traditional Lebanese house with contemporary design twists. Mirna, an architect and interior designer, invites you to experience the exquisite taste and abundant warmth of her home.

  • — Location: Beirut
  • — Rooms: 2
  • — Type: Bed & Breakfast
Lazy B Beach Resort, Lebanon

Lazy B

Summer at ‘Lazy B’

Beirut’s history and soul are inextricably linked to the sea, so it’s only natural to have your L’Hôte Libanais guesthouse experience extend along the Mediterranean shores. From April to October, our clients in Beirut can enjoy preferential access to Lazy B, our favorite beach escape 30 minutes away from the capital. · Details available on request.

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