Beirut Art Walk

Explore Beirut’s Artiest Streets and Spaces

Beirut boasts a large number of associations, foundations, museums, and galleries that showcase local and international talent, as well as (contemporary) art. The city’s walls and facades also reflect artistic endeavours that are, as they have always been, the canvas on which social and political views are expressed. In Lebanon’s capital, cultural and artistic productions remain alive, be it within dedicated spaces or in the streets.

Galleries, Associations, Museums and Foundations

Leading the art-loving and art-curious through the capital of Lebanon, Beirut Art Walk is a comprehensive itinerary that allows participants to explore the city and its diverse and vibrant art scene from many angles. The walk includes visits at galleries, museums and foundations, which range from infamous establishments to intimate contemporary art venues. The walk also reflects ongoing developments in the art scene, as current exhibitions or other significant events may be incorporated.

"Art is a constant source of support and encouragement for our better selves."

Alain de Botton

Street Art and Facades

Beirut’s walls appear to change with daily newspaper headlines, as local and international street artists cover them with striking visuals and uncompromising commentary. In between gallery stops, the walk will allow participants to explore the decorated city walls and a broad range of architectural styles, reflecting the city’s many layers of rich history contemporary critique.

Why Create The Beirut Art Walk?

L’HOTE LIBANAIS invites you to meet the women and men who shape Lebanon, so we feel compelled to introduce you to Beirut’s buzzing art scene. On any given day, across a multitude of spaces and places, artists and creative industries bring ideas to life, explore their heritage, and engage with the future of the Lebanese capital. Getting a first-hand look at this vitality allows for a deeper and more critical understanding of Lebanon.

  • $150 | for 1 to 3 participants
  • $50 | per additional participant

Open to individuals and small groups (limited to 8 people to ensure a quality experience) · Duration varies between 3 and 4 hours · Children need to be accompanied · Available in English, French and Arabic.

Get in touch with us using the form below to book your walk.

Tailor-Made Journeys

Upon request, depending on featured events (festival, notable exhibition…), and/or given particular interests, the Beirut Art Walk can be customised to focus on particular areas, architectural styles or artistic genres. The same applies in case of time constraints.

Welcome, Everyone

Participants with physical challenges or disabilities are encouraged to join the Beirut Art Walk, as walks will be adapted to ensure their comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

— Photographs: (1) “جدودنا اخترعوا الصفر وأحفادهم صاروا صفوره” graffiti by Yazan Halawani (Rida Zeineddine), (2) Marfa’, (3) Saloua Raouda Choucair, Beirut Exibition Center (Agial Art Gallery), (4) Karantina (India Stoughton), (5) Marwan Rechmaoui’s Fortress in a Corner, Bishop Takes Over (Sfeir-Semler Gallery), (6) Agial Art Gallery, (7) “بيروت‎” (‎Bayrūt) graffiti by Ashekman (Hareesh Padmanabhan), (8) The Bookshop at Beirut Art Center, (9) Artlab, (10) Fairuz by Yazan Halawani (Rida Zeineddine), (11) Marfa’, (12) 3010 Anniversary, Gallery 3010 2015, Installation View (Sfeir-Semler Gallery).

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