On A Sunday… Lipi had 3 parties to go to, but she found the time to sit with me as she got ready and put her makeup on. I learned that the red streak of powder Bangaldeshi women put on their foreheads means that they are married. Apart from makeup and marriage, Lipi told me about her love of food and cooking.

What’s your favourite Lebanese dish? — Since I am Hindu, I am vegetarian so my favourite is Lebanese salads, and mjadra.

When did you learn to cook? — I first learnt to cook with my mum, she was a good teacher. Then when I cooked for my friends everyone liked my food. I love cooking for people. I cook for all my friends’ parties.

What is your favourite dish from Cameroun? — Sambousek, Biryani and I like to cook chicken curry although I don’t eat chicken!

What is your favourite place in Lebanon? — My favourite place is my home, Zalka. I’ve been here 9 years. I hate to sleep anywhere other than my home. If I go away somewhere I cannot fall asleep, I love my bed and my room

What do you do on your day off? — I meet with other workers who need help and advise, I sometimes have meetings in Fenasol, and of course I always have parties to go to!

“Atayeb Cheghel el Beit” is a partnership between the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Souk el Tayeb. Every Saturday, domestic workers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroun and Madagascar will bring the best of their countries’ cuisine to the market — L’HOTE LIBANAIS features the participating migrant domestic workers through a series of portraits and short interviews.