On A Sunday… Rose comes down from her house in Antelias to Beirut for a meeting at FENASOL, the National Federation of Employees and Workers in Lebanon where she is an active campaigner for the rights of migrant domestic workers. On her way she passes by to meet me, and within minutes makes me crave some Camerounian food.

What’s your favourite Lebanese dish? — Kibbeh bil Sayniyyeh.

When did you learn to cook? — I cooked in my employer’s house when I moved here, she taught me Lebanese cooking. Back home I learned to cook from my mum. She is a great cook. We were always making experiments and trying new things. I love cooking, I’m always happy in the kitchen.

What is your favourite dish from Cameroun? — It’s called ‘Kok’, it’s made with a special green leaf, cooked with cassava, peanuts, palm oil, and you can have it with meat or fish. It’s delicious! I make it here sometimes for Atayeb.

What is your favourite place in Lebanon? — It’s my home in Antelias!

What do you do on your day off? — On my Sunday off I visit friends, we cook and eat and laugh, and sometimes we cry...

“Atayeb Cheghel el Beit” is a partnership between the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Souk el Tayeb. Every Saturday, domestic workers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroun and Madagascar will bring the best of their countries’ cuisine to the market — L’HOTE LIBANAIS features the participating migrant domestic workers through a series of portraits and short interviews.