“I have no idea how Orphée from L’HOTE LIBANAIS found us”, said Loulou, “my husband and I were finishing the building work of our dream home and he just appeared! We had never thought of running a guesthouse, but he suggested we try with some guests, and we did. It was a great experience!”

It is no surprise that Loulou enjoyed hosting guests from all over the world in her stunning valley hide-away — she is a natural host, open and lively and simply charming. The house as well is a natural choice for a guesthouse; hidden in a valley of pine trees in Abadieh, less than an hour’s drive from Beirut, and designed for simplicity and comfort and the traditional Lebanese house experience.

“My husband was an a architect, and we spent ten years gathering old stones from torn down traditional houses, and we finally built our house using them”, said Loulou, “we wanted the house to blend into the valley and the trees and the nature surrounding it so we decided to built it on the ground level and plant a garden on the roof.” The fruits and vegetables that grown on this rooftop garden make up the key ingredients of the breakfast Loulou serves to guests every morning.

She has had people from Poland, France, even the US come and stay. Guests find the location great for exploring neighboring mountain towns such as Aley, Bhamdoun and Beiteddine, and even Chtaura and Zahle.

From there they continue their journey across Lebanon, making use of L’HOTE LIBANAIS’s growing network of unique places to stay across Lebanon.

“When my husband passed away a few years ago, he told me to keep going with hosting guests at the house. He said that it will keep the house alive”, said Loulou, “It has been a fantastic experience, and I am so pleased we made this decision. Now the house is always full of life!”

Loulou’s Beit Al Wadi reopens for business on the May 1st and she is already booked for the first few weeks. “People still love to come to Lebanon, no matter what the political situation is”, she said, “the charm of the place always wins over!”