On A Sunday… Jeanne gets out of a taxi with two young women, her daughters who now also work as domestic workers in Lebanon. Yun the youngest (19) just started 2 weeks ago. Jeanne is beaming with pride as she introduces them to me. They can’t stay long because she has to take each back to the house she works in, before going back to work herself.

What’s your favourite Lebanese dish? — I like all Lebanese food! But maybe Kibbeh is my favourite.

When did you learn to cook? — I learned to cook a long time ago of course! I have a family so I must cook for them!

What is your favourite dish from Madagascar? — I like tsaramaso (haricot blanc), catless (spiced beef patties), and nem (spring rolls). You can taste them at our stall in Souk El Tayeb!

What is your favourite place in Lebanon? — Even if we like places in Lebanon, it doesn’t mean we can go there…

What do you do on your day off? — We gather on Sundays, we go to church, and eat together, then each goes back to work.

“Atayeb Cheghel el Beit” is a partnership between the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Souk el Tayeb. Every Saturday, domestic workers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroun and Madagascar will bring the best of their countries’ cuisine to the market — L’HOTE LIBANAIS features the participating migrant domestic workers through a series of portraits and short interviews.